Thanks for stopping by today! Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about AJC and we certainly hope they help any question you may have on our services. Please Contact Us if you have a question that is not answered here, we’d enjoy the chance to speak to you about your construction project!

How long does it take to design my type of building?

Design takes typically 60-90 days. Permit process takes longer than that. Storm Water permitting is the Critical Path in the permitting process.


How long does it take then for permitting?

Storm water permitting can take 90 days. Site approvals permitting can take 60 days. Building permits are usually issued in 45-60 days.


How long does it take to build my building?

Most projects take 5-7 months depending on the amount of interior build out.


How much will my building cost?

Basic construction cost is $95-$110 per square foot. Warehouse type construction can be half that cost. Site construction and development is where the questions are in pricing a project.


Why would I hire you as a General Contractor to design my building?

You would not. You would be hiring my Design Team to design your work. I just become the single point of contact for coordinating all engineers, the architect and consultants.


What are General Conditions?

General Conditions are all the common expenses required to build a project. Temporary bath rooms. Job site trailer, water safety supervision etc…


end faq