Randy Brooks

Randy Brooks

Aagaard-Juergensen (AJC) has a long-standing history of consistently conducting our business with the personal attention to detail. This has enabled us to deliver all of our commercial contracting projects with an integrity that honors sound business processes.

We are known as excellent listeners. Our involvement with the projects all the way through the process ensures that we can deliver on our client’s expectations. This has helped us build an impressive history of lasting relationships. Most of our new business is repeat business, or referred business from those who have already experienced our work ethic, our standards, and our meticulous attention to getting it right.

We are proud in the results we have delivered by always seeing for ourselves all the details as they happen on-site. Through our commitment to putting more into a project than we take away, we have been consistent in providing this superb focus on quality growth, throughout Central Florida, since 1970.

As president of AJC, I commit to continue delivering and exceeding those expectations every day – those same expectations that have created the fine tradition represented by our best assets, which are our highly trained team of people, whose quality standards are second to none.

Sincerely - Randy Brooks - President

Mike Moore

Mike Moore
Vice President

Client perspective is critical to the success of the project. It’s what matters in the end – is the client pleased with the quality, timing and outcome of the project? That is what has mattered most to us at AJC. It is what guides us today, and what has been our business philosophy since we first opened our doors.

It also happens to be why everyone on our team focuses so highly on the relationships with our clients – and what their goals are for their projects - so we can know what the expectations are, to be able to exceed them every time.

From the day you call us to set up the first introductory meeting, to the day we turn your completed project over to you, we want you to feel that one of the best things you did for the success of your project, was choose Aagaard-Juergensen.

As one of the owners of this company, I can assure you that your project will always have the attention of the principals of our firm, because all of us are hands-on and available, to ensure the exacting specifications that excellence demands. You can trust that we know what you want. Your project is as important to us, as if it were our very own, because in a very real way, it is.

Sincerely - Mike Moore - Vice President

greg roebuck

Greg Roebuck

Being an advocate for our clients is a role I enjoy and work to excel in. There is no excuse in not being a relentless “bird dog” - a single point advocate for the client when the expectations are clear.

Today’s bureaucratic environment is challenging in getting projects approved and permitted. Focusing on the end result ensures that everything within the bureaucracy to permitting processes stays on-track, so the projects can also stay on track.

From the start of the design, through to the engineering, and also into the permitting side, we focus on making sure the job is done right and on-time. That’s why at AJC, up to 98% of our jobs finish on time, and many even finish before schedule.

My 28 years of experience has taught me that there is no replacing a sense of urgency in keeping the entire team focused on the client’s expectations of quality, budget and schedules. We get it done, and done right.

Best - Greg Roebuck - Director